Publié le 2021 August, 18th

L'Echappée Belle in Martinique

L'Echappée Belle in Martinique

An experience of sharing and pleasure ⭐


L’Echappée Belle is an opportunity for Nautitech Catamaran owners, dealers and the shipyard to come together to share one thing : their passion !


The concept 


L’Echappée Belle is a true extension of Nautitech’s philosophy of experiencing exceptional adventures.

The idea is to spend a unique, friendly moment, to have fun on the sea, to enjoy a wonderful spot while meeting new friends, to discover local specialities and to share anecdotes, stories …around a theme : the passion for navigation.


A dealer and reprsentative of Nautitech organizes L’Echappée Belle with the support of Nautitech. The organizers design the program and manage the logistics.


Participants can expect a remarkable event !


There is good humour, gastronomy, the excitement of sailing and above all passionate participants with a unique love for the sea.🙂

L'Echappée Belle in Martinique