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They wanted to see the world, their son's awakening to life and the starry sky

Court & rafael

Change your life. Leave everything. Sell the house, buy a boat and leave to chase the sun. Who hasn't dreamed of this? Some people dare to make their "life a dream, and a dream a reality", as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said.


Court and Rafael dared. They followed Saint-Exupéry's command. These New York teachers quit their jobs, sold their house, bought a catamaran - a Nautitech 46 Fly that they named The Wind Expedition - and, with their son, who was seven years old at the time, set sail on their dream. "We talked about it a lot. We didn't want to lock ourselves into a job, a city, a role."


Unforgettable adventures

When you have a passion as strong as that for sailing, being able to share it with your family is the most beautiful gift. To embark on a long sailing trip with your family is a dream of a lifetime.

Genes don't lie and, quickly, adventure becomes an essential thrill for all members of the household. It is a true way of life in which parents and children will become members of the same crew for one of the journeys that will mark their lives.

Between the organization of clothes and objects of daily life, the choice of remote schooling solutions for the children, and the inventory of the material for the maintenance of the boat and of all that will give rhythm to the life of each one during these long months, the planning of a long voyage by sailboat requires a flawless orchestration.

So, if this round-the-world sailing adventure promises to be an incredible first experience, nothing should be left to chance.

More than a cruise or a vacation, going on a long boat trip through the islands and countries of the world is a real-life challenge. Such a family trip requires equipment that combines all the qualities for an optimal crossing and to make this trip the family experience you have always dreamed of.

Beyond the departure and return dates and the itinerary, or navigation program, and the destinations to be visited, the choice of the boat with which you will leave for this round-the-world trip is essential: type of boat, the budget allocated to its purchase and maintenance, number of feet and seats on board, equipment for daily life... There are many criteria to define your needs and choose your ally of choice for this project that may last several years.

The sailing catamaran seems to be a quality choice, combining living comfort for parents and children, sensations, and technical performance for navigation.

You can easily create a daily life together while respecting the personal space and the intimacy of each one, on board a boat conceived with large spaces thought for the life in community while guaranteeing a rigorous technique and safety on board without fault.

Wake up in a sunlit cabin and meet on deck for breakfast. Cooking and enjoying the talents of young and old in spaces designed for everyday life.

Share your experience with your children to form the ideal crew. Be the skipper one day and the cook the next. Discover the world and all its secrets together. Treading the waters of one country and another according to the weather.

Sailing night and day and crossing the world to the sound of the sail pushed by the wind. Make the sea your new element. Try your hand at kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and create new passions. Discover the paradisiacal landscapes by heading for incredible destinations such as the islands of French Polynesia, the Caribbean, New Caledonia, the West Indies, or the Mediterranean... and make your passion a shared passion.

So, because genes don't lie, embark together on this challenge of a lifetime and make your family the best crew ever!

Discover through these travel stories all the good advice to make your catamaran adventure a memorable one with your family!

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