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Jewels so numerous that it would take ten lifetimes to explore them all

Pascal & Madelon

They have just sold their company and intend to take advantage of their newfound freedom to travel the Mediterranean over the next ten years because it is there and because it is beautiful.


Pascal and Madelon want to benefit from this to head for Ibiza and Formentera. They believe, not without reason, that in September they will find weather conditions at least as mild as in July and August and less crowded anchorages. Then they intend to head for Corsica and the north of Sardinia. They plan to leave their boat in Bastia and return at the beginning of October for a three-week cruise to the island of Elba.

Pure moments of discovery

Sailing night and day and crossing the world to the sound of the wind-driven sail.


When you're passionate, you're passionate; very quickly, the passion takes on such importance that it becomes a real way of life.

The passion forsailingand navigation is no exception to this rule, and once you have made the sea your element, it is difficult to detach yourself from it.

Whether you travel by boat as a couple, with family, and friends, or even alone, the crossing quickly becomes one of the most beautiful adventures of your life.


It is said that the Mediterraneanknows no horizon and is the extension of the sky. That thanks to its rather mild weather, the temperature of its water, the warm climate, and the significant relief of the land surrounding it, it is serenely navigable. That is the sea, usually gentle and calm, sometimes becomes a complex playground with often uncertain and brutal weather conditions.


A veritable palette of cultures and worlds, the Mediterranean stretches over 46,000km of coastline and 24 countries and territories in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


What better way to sail than from the port of a pastel-colored village in France, to sail along the warm Spanish coast or the Isle of Beauty via Italy, to admire the incredible landscapes of Algeriaand Tunisia, to see the ancient ruins overlooking isolated bays in Greeceafter rounding the Italian islands to reach the coasts of Turkeyor Egypt...


Beyond these dream destinations, crossing the Mediterranean by sail promises great sailing adventures. The discovery of a daily life rocked by the rhythm of the waves and the ocean, where water becomes the new major element. The practice of multiple water sports and activities such as kitesurfing, kayaking, or even snorkeling. Having the chance to observe dolphins, sperm whales, and even whales and turtles between two swimming sessions in the open sea where the horizon will have no limit and the bottom of the water will open its most beautiful treasures.


The dream of a lifetime for some on their first trip, the continuation of a passionate journey for others... an adventure of life for all.


So go ahead and set your sailing course through extraordinary landscapes and on a cobalt blue sea, because sailing in the Mediterranean is one of the most beautiful adventures to experience. From the creeks of Marseille to the port of Tunis, via Corsica... you'll be amazed.


But to embark on such an adventure and cross the Mediterranean by boat, what type of sailing boat should you choose?


A long sailing trip, unlike a holiday cruise or a crossing from point A to point B by ferry, is often a very tiring journey, both for the boat and its crew.


Such a crossing requires the right equipment for an optimal journey and making this adventure the experience you have always dreamed of.


The choice of the boat with which you will leave is therefore essential: type of boat, the budget allocated to its purchase and maintenance, number of feet and places on board, number of cabins, equipment for daily life... There are many criteria to define your needs and choose your ally of choice for this project which can last several months. Because beyond a voyage, it is a real-life challenge where the boat that will accompany you, will become your home during this crossing.


So among all the sailing boats, the sailing catamaran seems to be a quality choice, combining living comfort, sensations, and technical performance for sailing.

Designed both for communal living with large living spaces ensuring privacy for everyone and an optimal sailing experience guaranteeing safety and rigorous technique, the sailing catamaran will quickly become the sailing boat and home of your dreams.

By settling each of you on board in its large living and sailing spaces, you will quickly become its ideal crew. Designed to sail alone or with others, you will quickly become the skipper for one day and the crew member for the next, but also the chef, the weatherman, and the mechanic of a shared adventure. A sailing boat designed for a comfortable collective life on board, but also and above all for pleasure at sea.

So, as the Mediterranean is the obligatory passage for long-distance sailboat crossingsand promises its passengers an unforgettable adventure, set off on this incredible sea voyage and tour its most beautiful destinations!


Discover through these travel reports all the good advice to make your catamaran adventure around the Mediterranean a memorable one for the whole crew, and why not repeat it across the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean... or even for a round the world trip!

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