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World tour
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World tour

What if we went around the world?

Silvina & Jacques

They looked at each other, they detected in each other's eyes that little flame they know so well. And they knew they would do it.


A wave of their magic wand and here they are at anchor in the Tobago Cays aboard El Gaucho, their brand-new Nautitech 40 Open. They swam among the rays and turtles under the gaze of the frigate birds. The lagoon is almost deserted, due to the pandemic. Normally, the enchanting anchorage of the Grenadines borders on thrombosis.

Sail night and day and cross the world to the sound of the sail pushed by the wind.

It is said that to sail around the world, a ship must leave and return to the same point, must cross all meridians of longitude, and must cross the equator.

All passionate about adventure, and more precisely about boats and sailing, have one day dreamed of going around the world.

First crossing or result of years of travels through all the oceans and seas of the world, to cross the world in a sailboat, it is necessary to be well prepared, as well on the technical level for very long navigation in a boat, as on the mental and functional level so that the everyday life is pleasant.

Whether you go as a couple, with your family, with friends, with your children, or alone, and whether you dream of the Suez Canal or the Straits of Gibraltar, going around the world by boat is the dream of a lifetime for all adventure and sailing enthusiasts.

Explore the waters, lands, and cultures of countries around the world. Meet new people and make new friends for life. Sail night and day and cross the world to the sound of the wind-driven sail. To make the sea your new element. Perfect your sailing skills every day. Try kite surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling, create new passions. Observe and discover the underwater fauna and flora. Live from day to day according to the wind and the weather. Try your hand at life as a sailor and globetrotter. Learn to speak in knots. Being in turn skipper and chef according to the needs and desires of each. Discover the incredible landscapes by setting courses for destinations that are so different on the 5 continents. Choose a sailing route that makes you dream...
For example, leaving from the south of France, passing through the Balearic Islands, the south of Spain, the Strait of Gibraltar, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, then crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean and Panama, then the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia and its islands, arriving in New Zealand and Australia... And keeping only indescribable images. Make the sea air your daily air, and your dream of adventure a reality!

More than a cruise or a vacation, going on a long boat trip through the islands and countries of the world is a real-life challenge. Because such a trip requires the right equipment to make the trip the experience you have always dreamed of. A long sailing trip is often very tiring for both the boat and the crew, and there is only one step between a day of fun at sea and complex sailing periods.

Beyond the departure and return dates, the itinerary of your round-the-world trip and the destinations to be visited, the choice of the boat with which you will leave for this round-the-world trip is then essential: type of boat, the budget allocated to its purchase and maintenance, monohull or multihull, number of feet and places on board, equipment for daily life, number of cabins, number of horsepower of the engine, ideal speed of navigation, or even size of the sail and port of departure... Because beyond a trip, it is a real-life challenge where the boat that will accompany you will become your home during this crossing.

So what type of sailboat should you choose to cross the world's oceans and seas?

Among all sailing boats, the sailing catamaran seems to be a quality choice combining living comfort, sensations, technical performance for navigation, and safety on the seas of the globe.

Designed both for communal living with large living spaces ensuring privacy for everyone thanks to its large cabins and for an optimal sailing experience by guaranteeing safety and rigorous technique, the sailing catamaran will quickly become the sailing boat and home of your dreams for a long crossing. Like a new heavenly stopover on the open sea.


So, whatever the route, head for Italy, Africa, Singapore, New York, India, Chile, Argentina, or Malaysia and take the plunge into the dream of your life by planning your round-the-world catamaran trip! Who knows, maybe you will set a new record?


Discover through these travel stories all the good advice to make your catamaran adventure around the world an amazing memory and the project of your life.




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