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Immerse yourself in the waters of the Indian Ocean

Saint Brandon
The adventurers of Saint Brandon
Nautitech 40 Open & 46 FLY
Indian Ocean

To get to heaven, you have to know how to pay the price


Christophe doesn't take any detours. When it comes to "selling" Saint Brandon to his future crew members, he doesn't tell them any tricks. Even with his comfortable Nautitech 46 Fly, the climb to this atoll lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean is not always as peaceful as a crossing of the Tuileries basin. The big swell coming from Australia can easily turn the daring sailors' stomachs as soon as the shelter of Mauritius is passed.

Its tropical waters are filled with islands and coral reefs

Sailing night and day and crossing the world to the sound of the wind-driven sail.


When you dream of adventure and are passionate about sailing and navigation, the perspective of a long journey in a sailboat is a real-life challenge.


Whether you go as a couple, with your family, with friends, with your children, or alone, and whether you dream of the Suez Canal or the Straits of Malacca, making a long trip by boat is a challenge for all adventure and sailing enthusiasts.

Located between Africa, India, and Australia, the Indian Ocean covers an area of 70,560,000 km2. Bordered and limited to the north by the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, to the east by Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, the Torres Strait, and Australia, to the south by the Antarctic continent, and to the west by Africa and the 20° meridian of longitude which separates it from the Atlantic Ocean, it is the third largest ocean in the world.

Among the world's seas and oceans, the Indian Ocean stands out as the warmest of all, although its waters border the icy Antarctic. Its tropical waters are filled with islands and coral reefs and it is not exceptional to observe many tropical storms during the warmer months.

Beyond the dream destinations that surround it, crossing the Indian Ocean by sail promises great sailing adventures. The discovery of a daily life rocked by the rhythm of the waves and the ocean, where water will quickly become your new element. The discovery and practice of multiple water sports and water activities such as kitesurfing, kayaking, diving, or snorkeling. You may have the chance to observe some species of whales and dolphins, as well as sharks, rays, fish, turtles, and even sea cucumbers and an infinite number of corals. Days where the horizon will have no limit and the bottom of the water will open its most beautiful treasures. You can discover wild territories on the Andaman Islands or make a heavenly stopover on Mauritius. Sailing in waters where the horizon is endless. Discover the world and all its secrets.


The dream of a lifetime for some on their first sailing trip, the continuation of a passionate journey for others... an adventure of life for all.


But although the crossing of the Indian Ocean by sailboat and its incredible destinations necessarily put stars in the eyes of all sailing enthusiasts, it is not an adventure without risk.

The weather is not the biggest danger of sailing in the Indian Ocean. Its waters have a large piracy network, especially in the Gulf of Aden area, whose recurrent attacks on sailing ships have always been well-known by sailors around the world. It is therefore essential to plan one's itinerary well to ideally bypass this axis whose geopolitical interests make the crossing complex.

But once you have sailed through safe waters, embark on an adventure through the treasure-filled waters and extraordinary landscapes of India, Africa, and Australia, because sailing in the Indian Ocean is one of the most beautiful adventures to experience, and you will only keep beautiful images.


But to embark on such an adventure and cross the Indian Ocean by boat, what type of sailboat to turn to?


A long sailing trip, compared to a vacation cruise or a crossing from point A to point B by ferry, is often a very tiring trip, both for the boat and for its crew.


Because such a crossing requires equipment that combines all the qualities for an optimal trip and to make this adventure the experience you have always dreamed of.


The choice of the boat with which you will leave is then essential: type of boat, the budget allocated to its purchase and maintenance, number of feet and places on board, number of cabins, equipment for daily life, number of horsepower of the engine or even size of the sail... Many are the criteria to define your needs and choose your ally of choice for this project of sometimes several months or even several years. Because beyond a trip, it is a real-life challenge where the boat that will accompany you will become your home during this experience.


So among all the sailing boats, the sailing catamaran seems to be a quality choice by combining living comfort, sensations, and technical performance for navigation.


Designed both for communal living with large living spaces ensuring privacy for everyone thanks to its large cabins and for an optimal sailing experience by guaranteeing safety and rigorous technique, the sailing catamaran will quickly become the sailboat and home of your dreams for a long crossing. Like a new heavenly stopover on the open sea where you will become the crew.


Designed to sail alone or with others, you will quickly become the skipper for one day and the crew member for the next, but also the chef, the meteorologist, and the mechanic of a shared adventure. A sailboat designed for a comfortable collective life on board, but also and above all for pleasure at sea.


Because the Indian Ocean is the obligatory passage of the great sailboat crossings and it promises those who dare to venture there an unforgettable experience, launch yourself and take the road of this incredible sea voyage and make the tour of its most beautiful destinations!


Discover through these travel stories all the good advice to make your catamaran adventure around the Indian Ocean a memorable one for the whole crew, and why not repeat it through the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean... or even for a world tour!

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