Achat et appro

Buyer H/F

In the purchasing department, we deploy all the financial and strategic means to bring the best materials to the company

Our missions : 


- Conducting sourcing and selecting suppliers
- Procurement of raw materials
- Place orders to equip the boats
- Negotiate purchase prices and conditions 


Storekeeper H/F

The shop is the Ali Baba's cave which contributes to the good manufacture of our catamarans

Our missions : 


- Receiving goods 

- Preparing kits for production

- Delivering consumables for production

- Manage shipments from the after-sales service, spare parts department and others

- Serving extra requests on the production line

service pièces détachées

Parts Manager H/F

Our missions : 


- Follow-up of customer requests for spare parts
- Creation of quotations 

- Follow-up of orders 

- Creation of invoices 

- Logistics follow-up of shipments