The missions : 


- Manage work related to the company's industrial investments 

- Consulting with suppliers 

- Designing and drawing up plans 

- Coordinate preventive and corrective maintenance on site 

- Drawing up preventive maintenance schedules

Qualité nautitech

Quality checker H/F

Quality at Nautitech is above all a notion of safety for our customers. We are the customer's eye in-house.


The missions: 


- Carry out controls at each stage of the manufacturing process

- Establish a quality reference system and keep it up to date

- Implementing procedures to listen to customers and partners for continuous improvement

Contrôleur qualité

Checker H/F

The missions :

- Check and certify the conformity of manufactured parts and assemblies
- Detecting the various defects in products 
- Report on identified anomalies
- Suggest improvements to product and process quality
- Report non-conformity information to the after-sales service (agents and customers) and to the Launching Department

développement produit


The missions : 


- Organise and respect the production schedule

- Manage the stock
- Define and organise the work tasks of the operators.
- Deliver polyester parts to the assembly shop on time 
- Analyse and solve problems within the team and production


Polyester jobs



The missions : 


- Prepare, polish and wax the moulds.
- Place protective strips on the moulds and protect the working environment with tarpaulins.
- Prepare and set up the gelcoater.
- Apply the gelcoat evenly to the moulds, respecting the thicknesses.
- Complete with gelcoat reinforcement by brush or roller in areas that have not been sufficiently covered.

Stratifieur composite


The missions: 


- Prepare and wax the moulds.
- Place the fibreglass cloths on the moulds and apply the resin 
- Place PVC foam or plywood stiffeners for contact lamination.
- Glue the polyester parts together 
- Remove the laminated parts from the mould 

- Prepare the substrates with the primer.


Découpe tissus

Cutting jobs H/F

The missions: 


- Read flow sheets.
- Recognise types of glass fibre fabric/foam reinforcement
- Use stationary machine tools 
- Cut fabrics and foams using templates for complex shapes
- Prepare fabric and foam orders with markings and correct packaging

Kitteur composite


The missions : 


- Prepare, control and store the needs of the Polyester / TPF workshop
- Manage the stock
- To supply the stocks 
- Produce infusion consumable kits



The missions :


- Demould the polyester parts.
- Handle the parts to the trimming station (use overhead cranes)
- Routing and drilling of polyester parts according to the manufacturing file and technical specifications.
- Filling gaps in the cut and trimmed edges of polyester parts with glue.


Boat Finisher H/F

The missions : 

- Identify defects on polyester parts (gelcoat, lamination and/or reinforcement defects).
- Repair defects with the utmost care.
- Perform finishing operations such as polishing and buffing.
- Repair moulds in certain cases.

coordinateur de piece


The missions:


- Plan, organise, direct and control the various activities in your rooms.
- Train newcomers.
- Check that the workshop is running smoothly in relation to the schedule and that the products manufactured are in conformity.
- Ensure that employees understand and apply simplified load sheets (SLF), quality procedures and assembly instructions.

Assembly line jobs

Accastilleur nautique

Shipchandler H/F

The missions : 


- Fix with precision and care the various navigation and manoeuvring equipment (cleats, winches, pulleys, rudder, etc.) as well as the fittings (balconies, hatches, portholes, etc.).

- Fix the connection between the hull, the deck and the superstructures (masts, rigging, sails).

- Installing the fittings for the living area (balconies, handrails, portholes)


Menuisier nautique

Carpenter H/F

The missions : 

- Adjust and install the partitions with the laser, the templates and glue the blocking wedges.
- Pre-assemble and install the varangas with the assembly template.
- Lay subfloors, floors and floor coverings, furniture and fittings, bathroom module equipment 
- Install and adjust the linings, closures and downpipes.
- Glue the deck to the hull 

Electricien nautique


The missions : 


- Study the plans 
- Installing the electrical system 
- Installing options and air conditioning with ventilation ducts.
- Establish an electrical diagnosis and repair errors or malfunctions.
- Adjust and test equipment 

Mécano bateaux


The missions: 


- Reading assembly drawings
- Install engines according to manufacturers' recommendations
- Adjust steering mechanisms
- Make the water harnesses and install the plumbing components 
- Assemble and check the watertightness of connections, valves and hull passes
- Establish a technical diagnosis and repair errors or malfunctions.



The missions : 


- Check the conformity of processes, materials, parts and/or products to specifications
- To visually assess the conformity (quality, presentation) of the product
- Carry out cutting operations 

- Cleaning on board the boats

- Manage the stock of equipment

Stratifieur cloisonneur


The missions : 


- Prepare and wax the moulds.
- Place the fibreglass cloths on the moulds and apply the resin 
- Place PVC foam or plywood stiffeners for contact lamination.
- Glue the polyester parts together 
- Remove the laminated parts from the mould 

- Prepare the surfaces with the primer.
- Laminate and glecoat the structure kit with varangues after assembly.