Publié le 2022 November, 24th

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Owner's stories

Preparing your catamaran sailing project is to key to sucess

Which sailing project should I opt for? Which catamaran suits my needs? When should I leave? ... Such a project needs to be prepared!

And to help you, Nautitech owners have spoken out.  


Through their stories, discover how families and couples have left everything behind to travel the world on a 46, 44 or 40 ft catamaran and how their dream of sailing became a reality. They look back on the highlights of their sailing experiences with emotions and passion.  


This page is intended for all those who talk about sailing around the world on a catamaran, all those who dream of sailing and acquiring their own catamaran, and all those who live their dream by sailing around the oceans: 


  • An enthusiast who is looking for sailing spots or routes to discover   
  • A passionate Nautitech owner who want to share his/her experience and that of others   

  • A future tourdumondist who is wondering whether a 46-ft catamaran is suitable for a family project with 6 people.   

  • A visitor sailing enthusiast looking for information on the world of catamarans   


Come aboard, get inspired, and get ready!