Le Voyage de Kumbaya

Juliette & Hubert
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Kumbaya is a Nautitech 46 Open bought in 2020 by a big family of 4 children ! Juliette and Hubert, proud owners, they shared their experience.

The crew


At the head of a family of 4 children aged from 3 to 11 years old, Juliette is a pro-active mother! A navigator and a nurse, she takes her family to discover new horizon at the other side of the earth.



Adventurer and sailor, Hubert has organised this trip around the world with his wife and their 4 children since their meeting. A dream come true on this Nautitech 46 Open.



The eldest, Louise will looks at her brothers and sisters when the parents are busy with the boat. At 11 years old, the adventure awaits her!



At 8 years old, she already has a soul of a star who isn't afraid of anything except for sharks! She made a wonderful guided tour of Kumbaya.



Shy at first, but don't be fooled! The only boy among 3 girls, has 6 and knows how to defend his position.



The little one will charm you with her blue eyes and her teddybear! For her third birthday, she offers herself a world tour on a catamaran !

The entire family

La famille du voyage de Kumbaya

Juliette et Bertille

Hubert père de famille








The boat

Why did you choose the Nautitech 46 Open ? 

The choice was made in two times. We had to find the yard who answers the most to our needs : safety on board, space and performance. Then, we made a thorough research on a lot of blogs and specialised magazines.  We concluded that Nautitech was the best balance between performance and comfort.  We chose the Nautitech 46 Open for her twin helm station at the stern who provides safety on board: The helmsman can see everyone and this is a big asset for us. We are 6 aboard, so the Nautitech 46 Open is the ideal size. We will cross several times the oceans so the faster the boat goes, the better she sails throught the waves.


How did you prepare yourself? 

We did some sailing so we needed to attend several complemetary trainings as we wanted to have a good theoretical training knowledge. We leave with our children so we do not want to take any kind of risks. Juliette took weather, seamanship and sail repairs courses. Hubert has done all courses linked to the engine, electricity and communication at sea. Together we did the medical training and a marine survival training.


What is your route?

We leave La Rochelle, in France, in the direction of the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. Crossing the Atlantic to Brazil and then up to the French West Indies, crossing the Panama Canal and reach the French Polynesia (where we will stay for a while). Then, we will go to New Caledonia and Indonesia before to sailing up to Africa and crossing the Atlantic a second time to stay longer than the first time in Caribbean. Finally, we will sail back to France via the Azores. 


How can we follow you? 

We are on the net and social medias (Facebook; instagram & YouTube) under the name @LeVoyagedeKumbaya but also on Nautitech social medias.

Some pictures of us...

Bertille et paul
Les devoirs sur Kumbaya
Repas à bord du catamaran
Photo de famille post départ
The boat we had for this trip
Sailing catamaran
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