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See bigger for your program. See further for your travels. Demand a French marine conception that combines efficiency and high quality, that combines your dreams of sportsmanship with the pleasure of life on board. Elevate your sensations. Elevate your pleasures on board.

Sailing catamaran:
Sailing catamaran
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The perfect balance between performance and lifestyle

With your family or with friends, simply enjoy life from sunrise to sunset and beyond. Relaxing or sunbathing on the big webbing between the hulls at the bow. Snorkelling, diving, stand-up paddling. 
Looking for sailing sensations? 

Sailing catamaran


Vast exterior salon, maximum space gain, optimization of safety and navigation elements for even more pleasure at sea... Nautitech revisits its Open concept in a signature catamaran model, with a fluid and sharp design to satisfy all sailors in search of long voyages and round-the-world sailing.

Sailing catamaran
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Don't miss your dream!

When ultimate comfort is combined with elegance and the pleasure of sailing, your trips become a true art of living. For this new model, Nautitech elevates the standards of comfort and sensations.

What is a Nautitech Catamarans ?

By definition, a catamaran is a boat with two hulls positioned next to each other. It is classified in the category of multihull boats with the trimaran.


Generally a pleasure boat, the catamaran is ideal for long distance travel due to its thinner hulls which allow for greater speed, greater water resistance, more stability and a larger deck area.




Since 1994, Nautitech, a historic French shipyard, has been designing execptional catamarans for sailing enthusiasts, ocean lovers and adventure seekers. Catamarans designed to put sailing back at the heart of the sea experience while preserving the balance between comfort-performance.


Why choose a Nautitech Catamarans ?

Combining onboard comfort and sailing performance, Nautitech catamarans and their Open range have been designed for solo sailors, friends, couples and families, for those who are passionate about the sea sailing. For ocean lovers in search of adventure, but also for those who want to go on vacation, cruise or even go around the world.

Catamarans have many advantages and are generally preferred to other types of boats and monohulls for:


  • Their comfort of navigation, thanks to their heel which makes the inclination on board almost null,
  • Their stability which allows a fluid and safe navigation: the movement pitches but does not roll, it avoids to the maximum the sea sickness on board.
  • Their space on board: thanks to its two hulls, the living space on board is doubled compared to monohulls.
  • Their comfort on board: thanks to their large openings, catamarans are better ventilated, brighter and offer magnificent 360 degree views on board.
  • Their control: thanks to its shallow draft, the catamaran makes it possible to get closer to the coast or to pass through places where it is impossible to pass with a monohull.
  • Their speed is greater than that of a monohull boat.
  • The independence on board that they allow: the possibility of having a real personal space on board.
  • Their safety: designed to be unsinkable, catamarans have watertight holes that guarantee buoyancy in case of capsizing.
  • Their low energy consumption: due to the favoring of sailing when the conditions allow it.


Nautitech catamarans and their Open range are built around a strong concept combining quality, performance and comfort.


The Open concept, a fundamental element of Nautitech's ADN, is based on a spacious living space where the salon and cockpit are one. The layout is designed around an original bar concept that places sharing and circulation on board at the heart of the experience. The ideal sailing boat to learn about life on a boat and share such an adventure while discovering the joys of sailing on a sailing catamaran of great technical quality.




You will be able to create a daily life together while respecting the personal space and the intimacy of each one, on board a boat conceived with large spaces thought for the life in community with a rigorous technique and a safety on board without fault. Wake up in a cabin bathed in sunlight and meet on deck for breakfast. Cooking, sunbathing, sailing, and enjoying the talents of young and old alike in spaces designed for daily life.


Your choice of sailboat model will depend on your budget, the number of feet you want according to the size of your group, the type of engine you are looking for, the ideal number of cabins...


All you have to do is choose your ideal partner!


The catamaran : the ideal boat for travelling

Whether you are embarking on a solo trip, with friends, as a couple or as a family, and whether you are sailing around the world for a year, the Mediterranean, the Pacific or the Indian Ocean, it will be necessary to choose the best travel companion for what will become one of the most beautiful epics of your life.


Ideal for long-distance travel thanks to its many advantages combining living comfort, sensations, unfailing safety and sailing performance, the sailing catamaran seems to be a quality choice for embarking on great adventures across the seas and oceans of the globe.


Designed for communal living with its large living spaces ensuring privacy for everyone thanks to its large cabins, as well as for an optimal sailing experience guaranteeing safety and rigorous technique, the sailing catamaran will quickly become the sailboat and home of your dreams for a long crossing. Like a new heavenly stopover.


So, whatever the route, set course for the destination of your dreams and take on the challenge of your life by planning your crossing... and why not your round-the-world catamaran trip !