Raising standards

Nautitech Catamarans aims for excellence, making us the perfect partner for anybody passionate about the sea. Experience premium navigation on board a catamaran offering a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

Thanks to our expertise, we can offer catamarans designed for die-hard sailors, combining high performance and comfort on board. These exceptional, perfectly balanced boats are designed to make your dreams come true, no matter how grand they may be.

Treasuring heritage

We stand on the shoulders of giants, preserving our precious heritage and following a shared vision: perpetuating a craft whose trademark is refinement, performance, and technical prowess. Our expertise is nothing short of exceptional, with an eye for detail and commitment to quality reflected in each curve, each feature, and each craft. This is reflected in our exceptional catamarans, boats which become true travelling companions for those who believe in their dreams, have a desire to excel, and are destined to take to the waves.


Here at Nautitech, nothing is left to chance. Each material is painstakingly selected and every finish is given the greatest care and attention. We combine our heritage and time-honored skills with a mastery of the latest technology available. This is craftsmanship at its finest, with technical design and aesthetic form coming together in a quest for ever greater quality.


Today, Nautitech Catamarans treasures our heritage and faces forward to the future, raising the standards of the entire industry. This lets us keep on transcending the dreams of discovery and adventure of those who truly love the sea, those who choose to sail a truly exceptional catamaran. 

Elevate your dream Nautitech

A lifeline

A travelling companion designed to exacting standards, crafted for a life at sea, and built to meet the demands of the most experienced sailors. Each catamaran is bespoke, personalized to suit the needs and desires of each owner. They are built on a small-scale, exclusive shipyard committed to excellence and dedicated to elevating the sailing experience.


And to ensure this shared adventure sails smoothly forward, Nautitech Catamarans is constantly on hand for our crafts’ owners, from design all the way to delivery. Here at Nautitech Catamarans, we are committed to forging a real, long-lasting bond with the owners of our boats, because we all share the same burning passion for sailing. 

Bespoke, through and through

Building on our commitment to excellence, Nautitech has developed a premium service based on personalized support, training, and assistance.  This sets us apart and elevates the sailing experience, with each owner enjoying truly personalized support from a dedicated contact team and a fully accredited advisor. Enjoy a personal approach and a transparent, serene experience, from design to delivery.

Our culture of innovation lets us see further, creating catamarans adapted to each sailor’s navigation programs and the day-to-day needs of their crews. Each catamaran is unique and designed to be the perfect travelling companion for any passionate sailor willing to weigh anchor.

Elevate your dream Nautitech - Surpasser les reves

Living the dream

Nautitech offers such elegance it could be considered maverick, from a shipyard combining the most delicate art of the craft, simplicity and refinement. Every day, tradition meets innovation and comes together in an intricate dance, the art of living for which France is famed.


As remarkable for its power as its delicacy, it is like a copper and gold-hued manta ray or the lightest, most balanced designer jewels. It reflects the core belief that holds the Nautitech dream together: a unique shipyard where craftsmen combine high performance with attention to detail, blending the delicate art of the finish with the expertise of those who share our passion for the sea.


Allow yourself to live your dream and become a cherished member of the Nautitech family. Elevate your dream.

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